Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Don't Want July to End! ~

Today, being the last day of July ~ I needed to blog & cherish the Summer so far.  Rain being the flavor of this here Season, not complaining - I love it when it rains - but we had a doozy of a storm here in Northeast Ohio.  One of the worst I have seen for flooding.  It seems once a decade it rains in this region an extra proportion maybe to make the trees and earth happy campers. 

This handsome potted geranium is doing well in the front yard ~ has bloomed well with the little blue fertilizer balls as feed.  Can't complain & compliments all the necessary July flags.

When you live on a lake all the insects, bugs, spiders, and flying UFO's are always much larger and you get well use to it.  This beautiful Dragonfly has a 4" wing span and never moved at all when he was being measures....I think he kinda liked it - haha.  What a beauty!

We have here a Pinterest information experiment in the Angel Bird Bath!  Find some copper pennies (dated before 1983) and place a bunch in the water and see if less algae grows!  My niece in Illinois, is doing the same and we will find out very soon if it does indeed work!

In the rear of my favorite wash tub here,  you will see some potted Cat Nip.... it has been hid here so it can finish growing and be planted.  Don't let Rusty know, because he eats the tasty entire plant down to the cores and when I got it to transplant nothing was there but dirt, so I see it has survived - somewhat :)

Here's a large pot of Golden Oregano and Rosemary, blooming and loving all the rain we have had - it's showing off in front of the Chairman of the Boards' Grandfather's vintage horse & wagon tie.  It's  indeed a treasured idem and will be repaired by me with some cement very soon.

Along with the plants, the weeds are having a hay-day.  This here little area is an "after photo" because if you would have seen it before it was weeded, you would not have recognized it as a little path into the sun room :)

After cleaning all the algae out of the rain gage - this depth was only a baby rain fall compared to the last one.

Still not sure if I want to sell this weathered old red barn board with the Peace Rabbit I painted on it or not.  But do have three newly painted Snowmen boards that will be out for sale at Brother's Antique Mall before the upcoming Holidays.  And look for the newly poured wax turkey's - they turned out very well and look mighty good in a basket on the table with gourds.

Here you have more weathered barn wood (my favorite, can you tell?).  Made for me by a friend.  But the best things about this beautiful porch planter is that the plant needs no care what-so-ever & I love it!   It's not real!

Listen up here....I do want to make a prediction (runs in the family)!  Just looking at this Shaggy Bark Hickorys' branches and seeing all these extra nuts and hearing them fall already ~ it can only mean an early Fall here in Ohio!  Same thing happened year before last!  I might add that this little grove of  9-10 Hickory Trees are just one beautiful sight.   But do beware of nuts.

Here they are!   The sweet little My Country Heart, signs!  I couldn't bare to sell them when I closed & moved the shop out of the 8 room Farmhouse at Copley Circle!  I did them up over 15 years ago and I still love them  like it was yesterday, here, under the big pines at home!  Many fine & wonderful memories they served!

I can't part with this big ugly ceramic frog either.  He guards the front door & keeps the toads in line.

More Pinterest good ideas -  making bird baths from pottery - try it you will love it!

My first time in a long time that I had time to plant cherry tomatoes for salads on the deck in planters.   This one plant has over 50 little green tomatoes on it right now.  Retirement is good!

And my last but not least entry is the ever blooming & interesting Grape Ivy hanging basket!!  I liked it so much I got another one for the other side of the porch.  It blooms so well and Winter's over so nicely in the laundry room.  Only requirement,  just a little sun and water once a week! 

Take Care,
Blessings &and  Peace,

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