Sunday, April 26, 2009

Old 1840's Coverlet Sew Keep

Thought I would share this new design pin-keep, that's at the shop! It's made of vintage coverlet and wool with long paint processes on the sewing box, finished inside and out & with a satin sealer. Sorry, it has been sold. Thank you!

Make-Do Heart & Hand Pin Keep! New!

This is a best-seller, and, yes I used my hand as a pattern:-) The best part of this newer item is the 1830-40, Vintage Old Coverlet heart and old bone buttons used for the heart and hand motif. I have two available. $45.00 each + postage. Visit my site to see the vintage doll bed & bedding.

Fresh Off the Drawing Board!

Clair, the Arc Angel, is up for a new home! Boy is she prim and beautiful, with her flax hair and old feed sack dress she made for herself! Lots of detail and paint and sanding went into her personality. Email me if you have interest.....$52.00 plus postage! Did you see her embroidered primitive heart? All my OOAK creations have their trademark...can't get away from the dream, my country heart, that's what it's about:-)

New items also include a basket of lovable cats. Grubbed up cats, that come with a brass bell, so ya can find 'em quick. And the old blue civil war print quilt fabric tie, on each one, is vintage & hard to find these days. $22.00, + postage, and they purr real loud, too.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Invitation to Visit Historic Copley, Circle Area

Here is an extented personal invitation to come and visit our Shop! My Country Heart, is located in Copley, Ohio 44321 , 3564 Copley Rd. We are located on Route 162, right on Copley Circle!
There are many new shops that have opened in the area, you can make an afternoon of fun shopping and browsing! Here are a few of the other shops located right next to us. Copley Antique Mall has many Antique Dealers and many quality Antiques. Just That Twist, is located within walking distance and is a newly opened retail shop with lots of neat things to see. The Red Door, just down a few steps, is another large antique shop! Contact me for any questions you may have! Come take a little road trip & visit us:-)

Here's All the Beautiful Signs of Spring!

Here's a peek of the bulbs I planted last fall, what a surprise they render in the Spring! Who says you can't make a Blue Spruce and Egg Tree:-)