Saturday, June 11, 2011

Primitive Sunflower ~ FREEBIE Tutorial!!!!

I just love to come across a neat freebie pattern that gives me a good idea ~ so, hopefully, today, here is one for you.

This big sunflower is hand sewn together, and stuffed with raffia, or if you can find the primitive green stiff grass. Then a wood slat, as a stem. ( A fat tree stick would also work very well.) I love it weathered and about 2' tall and 1 1/2" wide. Then you can wire or glue a holder on the reverse side to hang on your door, or make a few to stick in a crock.

Use a big dinner plate and a smaller one as your circle guide. Cut two round bigger gold canvas cloth circles, then one smaller wool felt circles. Use big stitches and stitch thru all three layers of fabric. It goes fast.

Then cut thru all around the outside for petals, almost to the brown center in both layers of the gold cloth.

You can't go wrong on this pattern. Come into the shop and you can see them made up, or send me an email if you would like to purchase.

Turn over and cut a sliver thru only one layer of the flower backing. This is where you will stuff with raffia, then glue a wood slat in as the flower stem & tie a strip of green homespun around it or wool. I don't have one here to show you, but stick it in almost to the top & apply glue to the stick first. Do this, after you have stained & dried with your favorite coffee or tea recipe....

I always use one of these foam brushes to apply the darkening. The petals will curl up nice and look neat & prim when dried. I use cardboard cut ups to dry any item I have "antiqued" they work nicely and keep things clean. You can carry and stack them real easy ~ and reusing them are a dream.

And there you are, enjoy!

(Thank you for giving me credit if you use this pattern)

~ Kathie