Monday, April 8, 2013

Rusty Watches The Little Herd of Deer...

                                    & Sharing a Few Shop Photos!

One of my very favorite things, are old brass lanterns, like this one above ~ which has been electrified and redone for those of us in this here century.  It casts a delightful little glow.  It's up for sale along with the old coffee tin can with a candle lite on top with dried shells and such, sharing the window sill.

I have two "inside looking out" photos for you all today.  My favorite old lace curtains tied back with raphia from the upstairs window of the shop.  We have 9 rooms, counting the upstairs area!  It has been so much pleasure having a shop of my own in this beautiful old farmhouse on Copley Circle in Ohio.

Yep, when  you look out you see the Historic Copley Gazabo, in all its glory.  When I first opened, I hand stenciled every room.

.....And the curtains to match.  (Pipberry garland is $18 ~ we use it over doors, also!)

More stencil sampling.... using two different patterns, with a Moses Eaton (circa 1840s) to the right side of the above photo.

We always welcome your visits!

And finally, here is Rusty, our front porch rescue kitty ~ who loves to sit on the back porch and watch all the wild life activity ... a herd of five deer love to occasionally hide in the pines and get a drink from the here, snow covered lake, in the back.  Did I tell you Rusty does tricks?  He sits up on his back legs & quietly lets you know he is a tad interested in a treat.  I appreciate his creativity.

Thanks for stopping in today,
Enjoy a beautiful work week ~
Kathie :)


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love the pic of Rusty on his perch, what a cool cat. I was just looking at my grandmother's brass lamp this weekend, it needs a glass shade (and dusting, LOL!) I hope I can visit your wonderful shop someday ~*~Lisa

~Sara said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a wonderful shop.
Spring Blessings~Sara