Friday, September 5, 2008

What Is This?

Well, I wondered what was eating all the tops off the backyard foilage. One plant after another, gone.
It's this little napping-sunbather- critter, making himself at home on my deck! And not afraid to be seen! Just taking it easy after a huge meal.
He's got to go, but how? He dug a big hole where the bees were or something did. And, I saw him yesterday just takin' his time, coming up the path after a little dip in the lake.
Hope I didn't disturn you......

Here's Bosco Looking Up At Me....

Here I am, enjoying the morning sunshine

and I have another visitor on our deck. It's Bosco, the neighbor, who also has a live-in cat-partner named Poppy! She likes to watch the action on the deck., too. Her favorite day dreaming perch is the ivy patch. Where there is alot of chipmonk action.
Doesn't she have a pretty face?

Now Check Out What He Is Doing...

Check out the same squirrel doing a balancing act on the finial. He is still trying to find the birdfeeder solution that he cannot reach.

I think he is trying to show that he can indeed be crafty, even if he can't get those juicy seeds. Ha!

What Next Will Be Out There?

Can you see this dern squirrel? He climbed up the pine tree trying to get the bird feeder on the back porch. He can't reach it from above, so he is trying a different approach.
He is one of the things I see when I am sitting in my favorite spot on the back porch enjoying morning coffee with Cocoa on my lap. At one point he was hanging from his tail, upside-down, trying to come up with a way to get the goods. More to come.....

Just a Preview!!!!!! Coming Soon To My Site

Here's a brand new primitive doll creation just off the drawing board! She will be available soon. She is dressed in old blue and white quilt and carries all her antiques in a box. She will be available on on Sept. 15, see her in more detail then.....:-)