Tuesday, August 6, 2013

AKA Kitty Boo-Boo & Love Those Hostas!

I may have to frame this photo ~ because it was pretty darn hard to get....  Rusty here just does not like to pose or get flashed in the face for any picture-taking-nonsense.  1st-time-picture showing himself in his white tuxedo.

This is what you usually get....  I did have seven Himmey's  with now one elderly sweetheart left & am having a very difficult time without them.  Losing each one of them was more painful than I ever imagined.  So here/now is Rusty, aka kitty boo-boo - (when he does what he's told) getting the well- deserved press he such deserves.  He ventured on our porch one day, and never left.  And if I might mention, is immaculate in all his cat-cleaning attempts - not a single square inch of fur is missed, not even the 8 rings around his tail.  Hence, he really is a ring-tail-cleaning-cat with a huge attitude.

More photo attempts here......Oh boy!  Looks like Angel wings on his back.

.....Adding this here beautiful mum I won at my cousin's shower ~ what a neat way to win at a shower, if your birthday was nearest to the Brides at the table you sat, you won the door prize!!!!!  Thank you, Karen!

Here's my still favorite spot on the lake ~  I changed it around a little this year and in the recent storm it was totally covered with mud and weeds.  But easy to clean with a broom and a bucket.

The flowers look like they are doing great, even with the near frost we have had lately.  The 99 cent solar light is still doing its job at night - looks sweet!  All's well and the snail's happy with big frog.

When you live with a lot of big trees, you get to grow lots of HOSTAS.  I tend to lean more on the huge Grand - Daddy varieties, and some are younger & and haven't taken deep rooting yet - but the older ones are gimong-ous!   And some are six foot wide/across and store little pools of water in their huge leaves!!!!

And the Ivy is just going nuts with the ground cover - I have to pull it off the house and shed  quite frequently.  Anyone need an Ivy "start" ~ they take root in any glass container and come back every year with their shiny beauty!

This Grand-daddy with almost white underside leaves is a youngster but still gigantic!  He is two years old and came from the Hosta Farm and has his own cement name tag.  The similar  Hosta right in behind him has been all smashed down by a deer, who had made a fresh bed right on top - but it will snap right back in the Spring, bigger than ever.

Being one of my favorites, here below, she is doing just wonderful!  Look at the leaf coloring - all I use, again, is the little blue fertilizer balls and water after I sprinkle them on.  They might just love living under the big pines. 

Now, this Chinese Maple needs attention and staked up and has created a little picture widow for the rabbits to look out.....they are so lucky!

Last year, Georgan, across the street, brought me a wheel barrel FULL
 of these fast growing beauties and here they are all lined up around another rabbit rock.  They all get along so well with the Hickory's....

Okay, here's the snowmen after they have been weatherized and now waiting for their finishing touches.  These old barn boards are well over 100 years old and the red paint is the original.  Great find! 

This old wagon wheel vacationed at My Country Heart, farmhouse shop for many years in front of the porch, so she now, is back home where she belongs keeping the new birdhouse company.

Look at all these tiny little pinecones what a Blessing they are!!!!!  I have used so many in potpourri and they come right back every year more than ever!

I call this, because I don't know what it's called, the beautiful orange trumpet vine.  Looks happy as can be and took forever to root and now needs to be tied to the rail.  But I do indeed see little blooms all over it!!!!! :-)

One more missed face shot......, but he does follow and keeps excellent pleasant company, all over the yard.

~ Excellent news to announce at Brother's Antique Mall - I was awarded the rest of the entire huge room that I am located in there, and can't wait to for the big redo.  I found the neatest old log cabin wall covering for one wall and can't wait to see how prim I can get it to look!  ~

By for now,
Blessings and Peace To All of You,
  And -- Thank You kindly for all the 32,000 views ~  unbelievable!