Monday, August 23, 2010

Hand-Done Wooden Prim Spices & Drieds Rack

One of my favorites! Brown Labels done in the favorite font, filled with usable herbs and spices! Finish is red and black rubbed paint....visually very interesting!


September/October 2010 Ad for Ohio Country Register!

Here's our little Pumpkin patch ad, hand-done for the Country Register Newspaper, which you can pick up FREE at the shop....Stop in and see all our Halloween neat stuff set up in the kitchen of our farmhouse shop!!! You will love our Halloween tree, with handmade ornaments & more, by: Barb Bakita of Barberton, OH!

Ms. Raggety with Crazy Quilt Piece Dress

She is a sweet little girl who is just off the drawing board and up for a new home in the Primitive & Olde Country Style decor! She will bring her mustard wool hooked star and all her special detailing.

Wool hair, nubby wheat linen and darkly coffee tinted attire & body, pantaloons, with a hand stitched face!

Always, whole body is finished, not just arms and legs!

Signature heart, on hand, making her a Country Heart Originally-done pattern and hand stitched finishing!

Year the war ended, a worthy date to remember!
Priced @: $75.00 + Postage, email me for info...

Thank you for your kind consideration!