Friday, December 17, 2010

Angel's Creampuff Princess,,,,,

Here she is. Her name is Cream Puff, And she has lived up to that name every minute of her 16 years. If fact, she will be 17, in March of 2011, & still let's me know that she is the #1 cat of five, special & sassy in every way! She is a Blue Cream Point, Registered Himalayan, and white as the pure driven snow flakes falling, and just as pretty! Here eye color has always been this beautiful Caribbean blue with a big fluffy plumb of a tail & the trademark white spot on her mustache. And I taught her to wink at me when she greets me in the morning. And the "cat Greeting" is something you just cannot ignore.....they all so take it soooo serious!!!!!!! All I had to do was get her attention & repeatedly wink & finally she did it back!!! So do the other Himmies!!!! Try it! And, even that head-strong, fat-little, red and white Tabby, Rusty, that was rescued from the front porch, is winking back (sometimes; when he feels like it)!
Now, there is something more special & quite inspiring about this little peanut, Creamer of mine......she went totally blind 3 years ago & I thought she was dying. What a scare. But she pulled thru with flying colors, with hand feeding, & help from a Vet, and is still brightening my day, as usual. Cats are pretty darn smart. She remembered where the food was, and all I had to do was show her where I placed the litter box & there she was using it like a pro in all her glory! Her little Kitty Cube is right next to my bed and, she still goes to the register to warm up this winter & knew where it was located. And travels everyday to her water and dish, way down the hall, which all I have to do is tap her dish so she can hear just where it is.
What a blessing when she comes to my chair to be brushed. You have taught me many lessons Cream, and how courageous & smart you are! Love you special-Creamy-Puff!
Oh, & did I mention, that she still winks at me, when I call her name.........

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