Saturday, May 9, 2009

Freebie!!!! My Own Personal Grubbing Recipe!

Here's for all you primitive crafters out there that have that passion to antique and grub up all your handmade items. I have tried many written recipies & this one that I use, works the best. You may copy and use, all I ask is that you ad me to your website or blog! My email is, and my site is

Grubbing Up Recipe with Tips: Instant Coffee or Instant Tea (without lemon added), Coffee is darker and makes a nice patina I think. Use the least expensive Coffee you can find, Big Lots or Walmart. The Dollar Stores may have some too. I save my instant empty coffee jars to do the mixing in.....I use about 1/8 of a jar of coffee. Then I add Cinnamon "powder", a few teaspoons, do not buy the ground cinnamon, the powder mixed better, unless you want the "grounds" of the cinnamon to show on your finished product because they will. My next item is vanilla, which along with the cinnamon can be purchased at the Dollar Tree ~ get least expensive brands. I also add a few drops of any scented oil, in this project, I have used Spice Cake and Cookie Doe, and it is heavenly to smell the mixture!!! :-) Next into the pot goes "Distress Ink" which is a walnut ink bought at Pat Catan's or any crafts store. A few drops with do. However dark you want your items in color will be fine with the amount of ink you use! Then shake up the jar and I use hot water to disolve the coffee & let it set for a few minutes. I use one rubber glove so my hand does not turn color and alway apply with a sponge brush & rinse it when I am done & reuse. When I am done I put the jar in the refrig, so it does not mold up~ it stays for weeks! I always save my fiberfill bags and cut them open & they make good staining mats. When done with the grubbing, I lay items on cardboard, it does not absorb too much of my mixture and item dry very well ~ I don't like to put items in my oven. Air drying gives the nice dark tint to the ends of the material. If you want darker items, give a second coat ~ but using the ink does it very well much better than acrylic paint! Look at the dramatic difference with just one application!!!!

I always do my painting and antiquing in my laundry room on my washer & dryer!!! I also have this vintage baby dress that is getting aged, great for a bear I am finishing! Check out this great old wood shoe rack that houses all my paints. Works great, I almost thru it out.

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