Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finally, Back to Blogging! ~

 It's been a long -- time Country Heart ~ Friends!

I haven't listed anything for sale on my dear little sweet blog in so long, I can't remember.  After setting up a picture trail  https://www.picturetrail.com/mycountryheart  and two facebook pages  https://www.facebook.com/mycountryheart  and presently relocating My Country Heart, our 9 room farmhouse shop, from our Copley Road, address, out to the new location: Brother's Antique Mall, in Medina, Ohio - whew - the work! (and fun!) - Ask the Chairman - thank you Mr. Givens!

  And by the way, join us on Facebook & right here on this little blog!

Thought I would take a breath and share a little photo shoot and birds eye view of the new location, which is open 7 days and sports an interesting to come, Christmas Open House and two absolutely wonderful Antique Flea Markets a year....the old fashioned kind that you love NOT to miss!  If you sampled just one of the Christmas Gatherings ~ you would never want to miss another! Not to mention the goodies brought in by all the dealers!

We are known at Brother's as HICKORY HOLLOW PRIMITIVES By Kathie ~ & My Country Heart,  you can find our two large spots in the back of the large building by the above sign over the window & the salmony colored backdrop. 

Now, I can finally have the "freed-up time to" hand-do designs and dolls with old textiles - one of my hearts' desires.....along with many other hand done stuff!  These old quilt pin keeps, are one of the new items in this old chunky basket that are up for your consideration ~ $6.50.  We can mail to your door.  This was filled, but still a great selection!

Annie, pin keep, in the Civil War blue bodice & old lace is quite a favorite with me, I love to make Annies!  She is up for sale $45 and the gray cupboard just sold today, whoops sorry ~ but old tins and such are available!
Two of these are available, hand punched Irvin's tin lighting ~ so primitive and quaint....along with the old picket fence in the background which is a huge flower box made from old wood facing.  Email me for more information on these  Kathiegivens@msn.com
Neat, heavy old feedsack, made into fresh and fluffy pillows.  I always like to mention how great they look on the porch!  Always 100% new fiberfill - filled (with an Ohioan stuffing license for 2013!)

Lots of old photographs to take a short trip into the past.  Come in and browse!  We mail them too!

And last but not least, presenting... my beautiful Pink Hyacinth, which I bought for myself....that bloomed on Easter morning...no less!  You would not believe how my entire kitchen was misted with the scent of this most delightful plant!  This year,  I found it at the thrift store for only $4.99 & worth every penny.  It has three big bulbs, which I always wait until the stems dry out and plant the bulbs by the front door for next Spring ~ what a simply great living memory to enjoy, of all the Easter morning's of the past and the flowers we use to bring to grandma and mom's house!   

Peace and Blessings!

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