Friday, July 2, 2010

Historic Copley, Ohio

Here's a cute little picture of our little ole' Copley Township train station! Physically moved a few blocks on Route 162 and nestled in front of the tracks. Come and visit us and stop at all the neat shops in the area.....expecially this cute vintage Train Depot, 1/2 mile from our shop. Right next to it is a beautifully restored caboose! Besides our beautiful gazabo to check out, right across from our shop, located at 3564 Copley Road, Copley, OH 44321, we have the Copley Antique, Cannon, located at the Townhall another 1/2 mile from the shop. The Townhall just had a big renovation, too, adding from the original plan, an awesome Bell Tower, with the original vintage bell. Bring your camera.....lots to see. And don't forget to stop in at My Country Heart....lots of primitive handmades and stuff you never know what you will find.

Shop Keeper/ Craft Artisan

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