Monday, October 19, 2009

Freebie Idea & How-To, for you! Lima & String Bean Swag:-)

Here is all that you will need to make this cute little Lima Bean Swag. When you make a trip to your favorite outdoor market, pick up some large marbled string beans and flat Lima bean in the hull. Dry both in a box top or any dry place, make sure none of them touch and they are not wet. After a week or two, get a punch, & rusty wire. Cut a piece of wire in the length you would like, punch each bean in the middle and thread a swag. If you can't find Lima beans, okra will do nicely, too. Add home spun strip or whatever else you can come up with! Have fun!

These swags are available for purchase $9.00 +postage, contact me at
This last one is available.

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