Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fresh Off the Drawing Board!

Clair, the Arc Angel, is up for a new home! Boy is she prim and beautiful, with her flax hair and old feed sack dress she made for herself! Lots of detail and paint and sanding went into her personality. Email me if you have interest.....$52.00 plus postage! Did you see her embroidered primitive heart? All my OOAK creations have their trademark...can't get away from the dream, my country heart, that's what it's about:-)

New items also include a basket of lovable cats. Grubbed up cats, that come with a brass bell, so ya can find 'em quick. And the old blue civil war print quilt fabric tie, on each one, is vintage & hard to find these days. $22.00, + postage, and they purr real loud, too.

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