Thursday, October 2, 2014


~ Candle Grubbing Freebie Tutorial!

                     Super Easy, No Wax, No Fuss!
                                                                                                            by Kathie Givens

So here we have an old metal grain scoop, one of my favorite items to find!  It inspired this freebie & easy candle painting tutorial.

Take a large nail or sharp object and punch a hole with a hammer (on a soft surface, like an old rug), in the top and add some rusty wire to hang!  Perfect old and antique looking prim lighting.
Find an old white candle at thrift shop or in your basement.  Clean it up by dusting and taking any dirt off & trim wick if needed.

Here's a better look at this neat scoop.  They can also just sit on a table or cupboard.


With an ordinary dry paint brush, use a paper plate and pour some plain Nutmeg Brown Acrylic paint on the paper plate, do not add water, and paint it on candle.  It will go on very nice.  I just hold it by the wick.  Before it's dry, I sprinkled on some ground cinnamon, (did not roll candle in it).  I used ground cinnamon, because powdered cinnamon would not go on as well.  This process would be fantastic with the white flicker candles, that are out on the market now, that you would want to make primitive looking.  It works on tapers, too!

Let it dry overnight and set.


              Here's a closer look at how great the finish can look! This was a bright white candle!

Done!   I always thought paint would not stick to the wax, wrong!  Don't throw away those old candles!

Here's a preview of the big fat fabric pumpkin I just finished painting and sanding.  It is for sale you can send me an email.   Save all your pumpkin stems!!!!  You can glue them on your hand done ones next year! 

Here's a finished old quart jar filled with egg gourds!  It's at Brother's Antique Mall, in Medina, Ohio, please come and visit if you are in the area!  We have 2 large spots filled with antiques and primitives.

My freebie tutorials are for all you fellow crafters to use and follow for your crafting or sales.  And thank you for visiting and learning & please mention " My Country Heart" as to where you found it.(However, my written tutorials are not to be used without my written permission.)  ©     
                                                                         Blessings!  ~Kathie                                             


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