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Cinnamon Pumpkin ~Tutorial ~ FREEBIE for Blogger/Facebook Customer & Friends

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Thought I would take a minute to share with you, my classic "Little Cinnamon Pumpkin Recipe" and Picture Tutorial! Hope you enjoy this "How to" in the Fall and make them every Halloween and Thanksgiving. If Halloween and Pumpkins are your favorite, like they are mine, you will really enjoy making these little beauties that smell so wonderful!

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Ingredients & what you will need:

Medium bowl & spoon
Tin Cookie Sheet
Pastry paper roll
2/3 cup applesauce (least expensive you can find)
1 cup ground cinnamon ( a little more if needed)
2 tablespoons white glue (Elmer's or whatever white glue you have)
Nutmeg 1 t. or apple pie spices
Little cut, sticks or cut grapevine is fine, not too big
Blunt knife & scissors

Mix ground cinnamon, applesauce, glue, & nutmeg - all together to a clay-like kinda of dry consistency in a bowl, see photo below & add more cinnamon if needed. Mmmm, smells good & lasts along time! (I like the mix a bit dry so it takes a minimal time to dry out.)

They turn out a beautiful orange/brown color you will love. You can cut the sticks before you make them & on a slant at the top, with a scissors. Grape vine is nice because it has the curly cues.

Here is what you need...

Grab a hunk in the size you would like your little pumpkin to be & roll in your hands to get all the cracks out and smooth. (Just like making mud balls :) You might want to sprinkle cinnamon in your hands...

With the blunt edge of a knife like the one below or a butter knife, gently just lay the knife in the top of the pumpkin & "lay it down" to the bottom" to make your crease, making sure all your lines meet and "not cross at the bottom" I find it looks a lot better than dragging the knife. Six lines on each one just about looks good.

I like to press the pumpkin down a little but careful---not "too much". I sprinkled a little powdered cinnamon on top of these before they go into an oven -- but in hindsight, I think I like them without the sprinkles....

Place them on a section of pastry paper the full size of your cookie tin and in a low temp oven of 150 degrees. Each batch will be different--- some I leave in longer than others, watch them close, about 45 minutes will cook them fine then I place them out to air dry on the tray & keep turning them over for up to 3 days. Trial an error and see what works best for you. It also depends on how big they are....

Don't forget before placing in oven to now place the little stems/sticks in the top. Be careful not to "press thru" This is the crowning glory and they now look just like little pumpkins. I have one pumpkin that has lasted 5 years and still smells wonderful & looks great!

Here they are.....all dried and beautiful. Each one will look like that cute little pumpkin you have always dreamed of to place with your craft project or arrangements or just in a bowl!


~Kathie Givens ~

My Country Heart, Copley Ohio~

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for cinnamon pumpkin idea. I work in a kindergarten room and we make cinnamon Christmas ornaments every year!Our room smells wonderful all Dec. this year we made cinnamon hearts for Valentines Day but gave them out as a Mothers Day present with a small bag of Hugs and Kisses candies. We added a bunch of red glitter to the recipe and that gave it some sparkle. Thank you